Our Mission

To deliver innovative capabilities and engaging customer experiences with speed and safety.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide advanced capabilities, unrivaled value and customer delight with speed, safety and agility. With our help we believe you can.

Brydenn [ˈbrīdən] is an enterprise solutions and digital consultancy that combines advisory, management and technical expertise to deliver innovative mission capabilities and engaging customer experiences.

We use a holistic approach fusing human-centered design, agile development, DevOps and validated learning to meet your most challenging needs. We believe experiences matter. We work hard to understand your culture, invest in your mission, and embrace your customers and their lives.

Why? Brydenn wants you and your customers to succeed and be awesome.

Human Centered Design

Everything starts with the user and their experience. Leverage Lean UX to move beyond deliverables and deployments to adoption and engaged user experiences.

Agile Development

Iterate to what works. Transform your team, organization, and agency to start delivering high performance results safely with speed and quality.


Go Fast! DevOps and continuous delivery / continuous deploy are not just an “IT Thing” … They represent business strategy that fosters high velocity through collaboration and automation.

Validated Learning

Deliver and support the ‘right things’.  Use data to build upon how users behave and what customers do/like rather than what we think, believe, or assume.