DevOps Days DC 2015

A house divided against itself cannot stand !

An amazing event! Distinguished speakers! Wonderful venue! Impressive turnout! Incredible energy and passion! Collaboration at its finest!

2015-06-12 08.16.11The inaugural DevOps Days DC was held at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia on June 11th and 12th. The focus was to bring together a diverse audience of professionals and industry leaders from both the public and private sectors to discuss and share DevOps practices and principles.

The two day schedule included a series of keynotes in the mornings, Ignite talks directly after lunch and Open Space collaborations in the afternoon.

Since this was my first DevOps Days event, I admittedly wasn’t sure what to expect.  As I headed to the speakers and sponsors dinner Wednesday night at the Trademark Restaurant, I met Marc Esher, Software Delivery Team Lead at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and we instantly started talking. This was the first of many engaging and informative conversations.

I quickly learned that the 400+ professionals whom participated in DevOps Days DC were truly there to share, learn and support each other. There was a real sense of community as everyone, regardless of role, backgrounds, or affiliations, were committed to each other’s success.

This was impressive especially given the diversity of the audience. Private and public sector professionals, developers, operations, security, C-suite executives, experienced practitioners and those just starting their journey all in open collaboration.

By all accounts, DevOps Days DC was a success. For me, it represented more than just an opportunity to hang out with some friends, meet some new people, and continue to learn, but a truly unique event to share and explore ideas to improve performance, customer experience and delight.

So much, that I am not just looking forward to DevOps Days DC 2016, but also DevOps Days Pittsburgh 2015, which I quickly registered for directly after the event.

Special Thanks to Nathen Harvey, John B. Owens II, all of the committee members, speakers, vendors and participants that made DevOps Days DC possible. See you in 2016!

And for those going to the ‘Burgh…. See you at DevOps Days Pittsburgh n’at!

For more information, please contact me or explore: DevOps Days DC, @devopsdaysdc, #devopsdays, #doddc, DevOps Days Pittsburgh

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