AWS Government, Education, and Nonprofits Symposium 2015

Last week, Brydenn’s Chris Donahue participated in the 6th annual AWS Government, Education, and Nonprofits Symposium held in Washington DC. The event focused on bringing together leaders from across the world to discuss and share how cloud services are helping them achieve their missions.

The event consisted of three primary activities: keynotes, educational sessions, and vendor exhibits. While Chris was unable to join the various educational sessions, he found the keynotes and vendor discussions very informative.

Over the two days, a few themes emerged. While none of these were ‘new’, we believe they are worth sharing. They are:

2015-06-25 09.13.07

  • The Cloud is the New Normal;
  • Speed and Cycle Time are paramount for Agility;
  • Experiment, Experiment and Experiment;
  • User Centric Design and User Experiences are critical for Adoption;

With many discussions focusing on the technical and business aspects of cloud architectures, security, data, analytics and overall strategies, there was one specific conversation Chris found inspiring. This was a conversation 2015-06-26 09.17.34between Teresa Carlson, Vice President Worldwide Public Sector Amazon Web Services and seven year old Madison. They discussed Madison’s passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) including her love of learning to code with Code.Org. Simultaneously, both an amazing moment and an amazing message!

Overall, the AWS symposium was a great event. Chris was thankful for the opportunity to participate, learn and share among colleagues and industry leaders.

Here’s to next year!

For more information, please contact me or explore: AWS Public Sector Symposium 2015 – Washington DC, @AWS_Gov, @teresacarlson, @codeorg, #AWSWWPS, #SmartIsBeautiful, #codemonkey

2015-06-25 09.07.11

2015-06-25 09.35.34


2015-06-26 08.26.36

2015-06-26 09.27.35

2015-06-26 10.01.27

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