Piedmont Triad DevOps Meetup

As of December 2015, Chris Donahue, President of Brydenn, has accepted the nomination to assume the Organizer role for the Piedmont Triad DevOps Meetup. As organizer, Chris’s goal is to foster growth, learning, and understanding of DevOps within the local business and technical communities.

As means of introduction, the Piedmont Triad DevOps Meetup, originally created in November 2014, comprises technologists of various roles — software development, operations, testing, release/change management, etc. — who all have a common interest in the idea that we should all work more closely together.

Through empathy and a better understanding of each others needs, we strive to advance our industry and improve our livelihood.

DevOps often means different things to different people. Let’s explore this practice together… and learn from each other about different tools, cultural experiences and challenges we’ve experienced along the way.

Please join us as we explore means to grow our community.

For more information, please contact me or check out: Piedmont Triad DevOps


Published by

Christopher S. Donahue

Experienced US Federal IT Partner | Proven Business Development Leader | Lean, Agile & DevOps Champion | Cyber-Security & Information Assurance Pro | Avid ‘Burgh Sports Fan | Scuba & Paddleboarder

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